I’ve finished Fundamentals Block One. Given this is the really basic stuff for total beginners, the lack of flexibility and the pain involved in holding simple stretch positions was a shocking.

I expected to be a total crock but I felt like I was working the rigor-mortis out of the limbs of a corpse. Jesus what a p***y.

What really killed me was the “Crab”, the stiffness in the arms and the effort required to hold this position and move where shocking.

Lesson 4 which covered the basics of body position was excellent and I felt much better after 15 minutes going through these positions.

The video below shows just what a stiff I am, it looks like a failed audition for the Walking Dead those Zombie are more mobile than me.

When I describe the last position as “tuck” – I meant to say “pike” – the pain must have dulled my brain.

This week’s t-shirt: The Flash – if you think this is Flash Gordon hand your head in shame.