Not The Vikings TV series, which is superb, this is a review of The Vikings Course part of  The Teaching Company Great Courses series.

Whilst I’m a great fan of reading quality books, blogs and articles which are thought-provoking rather than jut social media click-bait, finding the time to read is not always easy. There is, however always time to listen to great material – travelling to and from work [sigh] each day.

Transform a mindless car/train journey to a place of drudgery into something which can be looked forward to and almost put you in a good mood for the hours boredom ahead.

This is the first of many reviews of the great material I have found. Top of the class are the great courses by the teaching company – not cheap but well worth the price.

The Vikings by Professor Kenneth W. Harl

Prof KWH kicks ass. He is, by far, my favourite lecturer from the Great Courses series. His ability to make the material engaging (not too hard with the Vikings) is second to none. He wanders off-topic to tell great anecdotes in a seamless manner which brings the material to life.

His tales of Harald Fine Hair (or Fairhair) the first king of Norway – renowned for his amazing hair was one of my personal highlights. When his marriage proposal to Gyda, the daughter of Eirik, king of Hordaland was treated with scorn he vowed never to cut his hair until he was king of Norway.

Who knows if it’s true but it’s great stuff!.