The standout exercise in block 3 is the Lizard (or Lizard Crawl), this is a great exercise hip mobility, core strength and shoulder flexibility (my bugbear).

I’ve compared the Gymnastic Bodies training video with other videos on-line including this great one by Vahva Fitness and the key difference is GB video focuses on using the exercise to fully stretch out the joint – rather than accurately mimicking the movement of a lizard.

In block 4 the “Daily Limber” is my main take away from the course and something, as the name implies, I can do every day – either as a warm up for my main routine or as part of my morning stretches which I look forward to at 5.50am each day.

The featured video shows my excellent/feeble efforts at the Daily Limber – this will be a superb benchmark which I can look back on in 12 months time. Hopefully, I’ll be much less of a plank of wood by then.

Today’s t-shirt is the Suicide Squad. The critics dropped the ball giving this movie a poor review – it lost its way at the end but it was still a solid movie. The Justice League v Suicide Squad crossover kicks-ass. Check it out.