Gorilla Mindset is a superb book – I’ve read it twice and will make a point of reading it once per year – probably around now (Jan) to kick the year off in the right frame of mind.

I’ve been following Danger and Play Podcast (153 episodes as of the time of writing) from the very start. It’s been amazing to see the early, somewhat rambling, ideas expressed on the Podcast coalesce into Gorilla Mindset.

The stand-out chapters in the book for me are: “Mindset is a Conversation: The power of self-talk”, “Mindset is a Mood: How to control your state”. Chapter 9 on Money Mindset is also a great chapter for anyone young or old as so many people seem to have no control over their finances – simple but powerful stuff.

I miss the early fitness, lifestyle slant of Mike’s podcast now that he’s become a massive media presence (Congressman Mike Cernovich?).

As he’d probably tweet – this book is not one for the cucks!