The Early Middle Ages is the first of 3 courses in the Teaching Company Great Courses series taught by Professor Philip Daileader covering the Middle Ages. I’ll cover the following courses in subsequent reviews.


Twenty-four, half hour lectures covering what we incorrectly refer to as the “Dark Ages”.

I’m going to sound like a cracked record every time I review one of these course as the vast majority kick-ass and it’s really hard to find anything wrong with them – maybe the intro music if you’re not keen on the harpsichord.

Prof D is an excellent speaker  – he is very clear and has a great sense of humour. Another fantastic course.

As always there are some humorous gems in these courses and the lectures covering Carolingian monarchs were my favourite. The most famous Carolingian monarch is Charlemagne – Charles the Great. A great title who would not want to be remembered with such a title? The rest were not so lucky!

Pippin the Hunchback (Charlemagne’s eldest son) – not the best name and it did not get much better.

  • Charles the Bald
  • Charles the Fat
  • Charles the Simple (we’ll have that one soon in the UK)

Great stuff once more!