I’ve completed the Gymnastic Bodies Fundamentals Course and the key questions I would have liked answering before doing this are

1. Is it worth $99?
2. Is it worth doing before the Foundation 1 course

This is a tough one to answer as each person’s level of fitness, mobility and ultimate goals are their own. I can only speak for myself.

There are a total of 16 different workout videos, each one supplemented by a “common issues” video which breaks the exercise down in much greater detail and gives options for the beginner who is struggling to execute the exercise.

In the era of free online content, the idea of paying the princely sum of €99 for a few videos is anathema to most however, you are paying for advice from an Olympic Gymnastic Coach – you get what you pay for and this is great content. Coach Sommer has proven himself at the highest level – €99 a great price.

The quality of the video tutorials is excellent, the range of exercises comprehensive. If you are in any doubt I would say this course is for you. Personally, by block 4 I was itching to move onto the more structured and progressive Foundation Level 1 Course.

If you are fit, injury free and wanting to progress – I’d be tempted to skip Fundamentals and move onto the Foundation series.

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