The Fundamentals course is over; now on, with much enthusiasm, to Gymnastic Bodies Foundation 1 – my view so far – great course – great interface – superb structured progression – Worth $195 – An emphatic YES!

I’ll talk about the way the course works and interface rather than the content, I’ll cover that a subsequent post.

The training interface is excellent – at first, I thought WTF, but that’s the usual reaction (mine anyway) to something new that I’m not overly familiar with. Once I got to grips with it, it’s very, very easy to use.

Training Schedule
My training dashboard is below – Foundation 1 comes with Upper Body, Lower Body and Core. The other videos are samples and an inducement to part with more of your cash – it is a business!

You have total flexibility as to when and how often you do each workout – I have gone for a Tue, Thur, Sat split.

Gymnastic Bodies Dashboard

Core Routine – Example
Every exercise comes with a range of follow along videos, tips and mobility techniques. For some of the mobility exercises, I found the technique videos invaluable.

What I love about this interface are the “difficulty smileys” – after a routine click easy (too easy) and you progress to more difficult advanced variants of the workout. “Fine” keeps the routine the same and “Too Hard” knocks you back to the last routine. Not sure about failed mobility – never selected that one yet – maybe in a future update when it happens.


Today’s T-Shirt WWBD – What would Batman Do? I’m willing to bet Bats could nail the Victorian Cross on the rings no problem.