The Teaching Company Great Courses review-fest continues with The High Middle Ages. The second in a series of three courses on the Middle Ages by Prof Phil Daileader.

Twenty-four half-hour lectures – this course has, at the time of writing, 86 reviews on The Great Courses website, with an average review of 4.7 out of 5.

I like Prof Phil’s delivery – he can pause and “huff & puff” a little but this is a minor criticism. I note some reviews are not too keen on his delivery: these people must have insanely high standards – compared to some of the sleep-inducing incompetents I had a Nottingham Uni Prof Phil is a huge amount better.

A great deal of ground is covered in the 300 years from 1000AD to 1300AD; the Chivalric Code, Inquisitions, the first Crusade and the Norman Conquest – all good stuff.

My usual snippet from the course is from lecture 4 on the Chivalric Code and covers good table manners for the Knight. If, whilst eating, the Knight should develop an itch on his face he should, under no circumstances, scratch this itch.

Rather he should scratch his face with the bread he is planning to eat and then consume said bread. Excellent manners indeed. I wonder what the advice is for itchy b***s?