Let’s take a look at the exercises that Gymnastic Bodies Foundation 1

The first thing I noticed is that, although these exercises are designed for the beginner, I found some much, much harder than others. Usually the mobility exercise – no surprise there.

Each routine as up to 6 exercises which come in pairs, a strength exercise followed by a mobility exercise. A great concept especially for people who are stiff as a board, like me.

Three exercise pairs

  • Bent hollow body hold &  Cat-Cow stretch
  • Seated Russian Twist & Standing Hip Circles
  • Tuck up & Stiff Leg Windmill

At low reps, which do increase as you progress, these are very easy exercises with the exception of the Seated Russian Twist and the Stiff Leg Windmill. Both exercises require you to twist the torso an area in which I need to improve massively.

Upper Body
Three exercise pairs

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Incline Pushup & German Arm Swings (why German?)

Incline Row (rings required) & One Arm Lat Lean

Scapular Shrugs & Swivel hips

Again the mobility exercises were the hardest – the arm swings and swivel hips.

I’ve set up some rings in my man-garage, very easy to do, the bracket was more expensive than these great  Elite Gymnastic Rings £20 on Amazon.


Lower Body

  • Assisted Squat & Sideprone lift

This routine is a little disappointing, maybe the exercise range will increase with progression. I’m not sure – this seems a little light to me.

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