A strange post for a blog which is predominantly fitness based but I’m happy to argue that smoking a great cigar, especially in great company has far more health benefits than risks.

Credit where credit is due, I became an avid cigar smoker after as a result of listening to the Quick Hitts Podcast. One of the best critical thinking podcasts out there and the only one to get you Smartenized.

Dave’s great podcast on the benefits of smoking a good cigar was enough to get me hooked. There was also an element of, in a small way, saying “go f*** yourself” to the health nazis who won’t rest until we all live joyless, risk-free, antiseptic lives – much like they do, no doubt.

Here’s a quick plug for Dave’s cigar business – The Cigar Deals Club.

My place cigar haunt cuban_cigar_club_newcastleof choice is the superb Cuban Cigar Club in Newcastle, UK.Let’s take my most recent trip as an example: arrive at 12.30pm, buy a Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona, start chatting to a great bloke from Texas in the smoking room and spend the next 2 hours playing backgammon and sipping whisky from my hip-flask.

What a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Thanks Dave, I owe you one for the great advice – keep sticking it to the anti-science brigade.