Two of the items on my list below have been booked. It will soon by time to “Just-Do-It ” and with regard to number 3 on this list: Jesus I am scared as hell already.

1.    Win at least one more fight (judo – but open to ideas)
2.   Perform and hold a handstand for at least 10 seconds
3.   Obtain a parachute free fall license
4.   Run £5k in under 19 minutes (previous best 19:44)
5.   Start riding a motorbike again (have to buy one first)
6.   Visit at least 5 areas of outstanding natural beauty in the UK on said motorbike
7.   Complete a Spartan or Tough Mudder race
8.   Start a blog (tick)
9.   Put my old rock band, “Limited Ability” back together and play at least 1 gig
10. Ride a horse to the speed of a gallop

The Spartan race booked is the Edinburgh Beast – 22 July 2017. I’m doing this with a couple of guys from work. I’m really looking forward to this and the gymnastic training will be very helpful.

I was undecided between a Spartan Race of Tough Mudder but after listing to Joe de Sena’s interview on the Tim Ferris Show I was sold on the Spartan Race. I highly recommend listening to this interview – Joe sounds like a great guy and has lead quite some life – slightly more interesting than being an accountant. Although an eternity in Limbo is more interesting than being an accountant.

The free fall training is much closer – this is starts on 4 March 2017 with  The Freefall University out in sunny Madrid.

At the time of writing just 3 weeks away, I’ve already woken several times in the middle of the night thoughts of falling out of a plane uppermost in my mind. F*** it – if was not terrifying where would the fun be. Much more to come on this soon.