I think I’ll take a break from traditional history and dip into a Science/History hybrid for this Teaching Company Great Courses review. The Big History course is taught by Professor David Christian

This is a very unusual take on history in that it covers a summary of all history from the big bang (the title gives you a clue) to the current day and even looks into the future.

This is a monster of a course: 48 thirty minute lectures which currently has 176 reviews and rates at an average of 4.5.

I can highly recommend this course to anyone who has a passing interest in history, maybe a slight curiosity and would not mind a little science thrown in. This really is a whistle stop tour or life, the universe and everything.

Ordinarily, I try to find a funny snippet from the course but sadly have come up short with this course. The course material does not lend itself to anecdotes relating to the eccentricities of the principle characters – i.e. Henry VIII.

This does not detract from the course and if you are only going to listen to one course I would recommend this one.