I’ve just returned from the Freefall University in Ocana, Spain (near Madrid).

Awesome – the best, most terrifying and rewarding time I have had. I’ll do a couple of in-depth posts looking at the cost of the course, what you get for your money, the location and the friendliness (can’t say enough good things about this – see photo below) of the team.


One instructor, 3 AFF students and fun jumpers at the Freefall University


I’ll then do a follow up on the training, what is involved and how hard I found it (aged 47).

Until then I have posted my graduation video. The reaction of my instructor, Paula, when I pass is fantastic – she was amazing and it was down to her that I passed. I had to re-do various levels on three occasions and almost lost my nerve. Thanks to her and the great guys above I did not lose my bottle.