I completed the Accelerated Freefall course with the Freefall University in Spain and was amazed by the price I was quoted.

  • BPA License Package AFF Course
    7 Levels: Levels 1 to 3 jumped with 2 instructors, Levels 4 to 7 with 1 instructor
  • 10 solo consolidation jumps
  • All rig fees, chute packing and plane fees
  • Return Flights from Newcastle to Madrid
  • Accommodation in Aranjuez – 7 nights in a shared apartment with single room
  • Transport to and from the airport
  • Pick-ups to and from the drop site each day

The cost of the above £1,855 – well below my expectation I was prepared to pay between £3k and £4k –  when I was quoted the above I almost did not believe it and signed up for the course very quickly indeed.

The drop site at Ocana is superb, one of the biggest in Europe, great for a beginner. You would have to do something exceptionally stupid to miss the safe landing area.

The facilities are great: relaxing areas to sit in the shade, a friendly cafe, great music all day long and a superb atmosphere in which to chill after the fun of jumping out of a plane.


Ocana Drop Site Facilities


Aranjuez is a great little town, skydiver friendly bars and cafes. Compact, easy to walk around and very relaxing on a warm Spanish evening. Also for those who get up early enough, beautiful at sunrise.


Aranjuez at Sunrise


Next up – Levels 1 to 7