I’ve been doing the Gymnastic Bodies Foundation Level 1 for a couple of months now and have a good understanding of how the course progresses, what you get for your money, the end goal, and whether it is value for money.

The course is build around the 7 exercises shown in the graphic: 3 upper body, 3 core and 1 lower body.  Progression to the final exercise is split into 17 to 30 steps (shown in the table below) and each step has up to 9 levels or mastery.

There are no hard and fast rules but Foundation 1 is likely to take a year or more to complete. Levels 2 to 4 another 2 years.  This is a 3-year course (at least).

When I broke this down I was amazed – you might think $195 is quite an ask in the age of free everything online but what you get for your money is stunning. The quality, detail of the progression steps and help via the video tutorials and forums is superb.

I did not appreciate the comprehensiveness of the course and the technical detail that goes into building all parts of the body ready to try the final exercise – 29 steps before trying the hollow back press on step 30. Jesus – I can see I have let myself in for a long, long programme. If  I ever complete the manna I’ll be amazed – but it’s something to have a crack at.

A table showing the techniques, steps in each of the foundation courses (F1 to F4) and the cost of each course. Remember there are 9 levels in each step. This is a monster course – Value for Money – a total Yes! Awesome stuff, Gymnastic Bodies Kicks-Ass

Technique Work Out F1 ($195) F2 ($80) F3 ($80) F4 ($80)
Hollow Back Press Upper Body 6 8 8 8
Rope Climb Upper Body 6 8 8 5
Straddle Planche Upper Body 6 4 4 4
Front Lever Core 6 8 6 7
Side Lever Core 6 6 6 6
Manna Core 6 6 6 7
Single Leg Squat Lower Body 5 4 4 4