Just Do It 123

It ain't over 'til it's over


Approaching 50 and embarking on what a deliberately induced mid-life crisis, or what’s otherwise known as having fun and trying cool stuff again. My kids seem to have a great time trying new stuff – when did I become such a p***y?

  • Job: OK, but unless I chose when to work, it will always be a straight-jacket.
  • Kids: Two and they kick-ass
  • Mates: A great bunch – not a whinging entitled crybaby amongst them.
  • Fitness level – 2 neck ops, 1 hip op – many, many sporting injuries – a crock.
  • Ex-wives: 2 – no hurry to find a third.

After reading Peter Theil’s book Zero to One and listening to every episode of the superb Mike Cernovich Podcast I combined 2 ideas – “list 10 things you could do but would require real effort” (Mike C) and “how could you achieve your ten-year plan in six months” (Peter T).

The 10 things are

1.    Win at least one more fight (judo – but open to ideas)
2.   Perform and hold a handstand for at least 10 seconds
3.   Obtain a parachute free fall license
4.   Run £5k in under 19 minutes (previous best 19:44)
5.   Start riding a motorbike again (have to buy one first)
6.   Visit at least 5 areas of outstanding natural beauty in the UK on said motorbike
7.   Complete a Spartan or Tough Mudder race
8.   Start a blog 
9.   Put my old rock band, “Limited Ability” back together and play at least 1 gig
10. Ride a horse to the speed of a gallop
Colour scheme – Completed, Date booked

Completing the above in 6 months would kill me but I don’t have 10 years to waste – so the deadline is 2 May 2019. My grim starting stats are

  • Age: 47
  • Weight: 85kg (192lbs, 13 st 10)
  • Body Fat %: 22% (calliper measurement 18 – unacceptable)
  • Waist: 92 cms (36 inches – the tale of the tape is a sad one)
  • Chest: 108 cms (42.5 inches)
  • Shoulders: 130cms (51 inches)
  • Biceps: 37 cms (14.5 inches)

The main focus will be fitness and the Gymnastic Bodies program is the foundation. No point having the static strength and aerobic fitness without the full range of motion to use it without injury – everything will build on this.